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A.B.S is a qualified provider of small business phone systems, we have located the best Cloud Phone Solutions for small to mid-size businesses like yours.  Local & National

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As a Certified PrideMark Telephone System vendor, we are able to offer a wide variety of Office Phone Systems for businesses and organizations like yours.  As telecommunications Technicians, we knew that one solution rarely meets the needs of every organization.  Therefore, we have reviewed and deployed a number of VoIP for Business solutions as well as IP PBX solutions to determine the advantages and disadvantages of both.  After we review your needs we do our best to place you in a system that can scale with your organization.

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We are authorized agents for many major brands such as: Dialpad, Nextiva, Ooma, 8×8, Jive, RingCentral, Vonage, VoiceOne PBX, Zoom, Avaya, Go to Connect, 3cx, Teams, and Many Others.  As a provider who has seen many major brands depart the telephone System industry we know having a large selection is critical to being a reliable business partner.   Small Business Phone Systems are not what they use to be and are far more complicated then in the past.  They are so reliant on your network and the internet for performance.  You no longer can look at your phone system as a separate aspect of your organization’s network infrastructure.

When your telephone system is failing to perform we have many other options available, unlike most providers we are an End-to-End provider we has a wide array of solutions for just about any deployment.  We often know who the Best Cloud-based Telephone Systems are, or more importantly the best cloud-based phone system for small businesses as there is a difference between enterprise options which are often far less user-friendly.

VoIP for Business

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      • Upgrade your business Phone System
      • Install Jacks and cabling for VoIP
      • VoIP for Business
      • Teams Integration
      • Telephone Cabling for VoIP
      • Program or Reprogram Phone System
      • Wiring for Toshiba Phone System
      • Support of the Toshiba Phone System
      • Move or Relocate Phone Systems
      • Install additional Phone Equipment
      • Add Extensions and/or Equipment
      • Telephone wiring for VoIP
      • Cordless VoIP Systems
      • Add or Repair Voicemail Systems

We offer 24/7 Emergency Business Phone Repair


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Here at Atlantic Business Systems, we are committed to providing the best customer care and knowledge to help you with your Comdial Office Phone System. If you need us we will assist you as best we can to support your Inter-Tel phone system or help you upgrade it.

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