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ABS provides Avaya repair Locally & nationally. Avaya Repair, Avaya Partner Repair, & Avaya support provided for Avaya partner, & more. Dispatched technicians.

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Local & National 

Atlantic Business System provides superior Avaya repair in Pittsburgh, as well as Maryland, and Avaya Repair nationally in 37 dispatch centers. We cover major areas such as: Avaya in Ohio, Avaya in Indiana, Avaya in Georgia, Avaya Pennsylvania, Avaya in Virginia, and others.   We are able to meet the needs of businesses like yours. We provide skilled telephone technicians so you know we are qualified and dispatch our trained Avaya Phone System Technicians. When your Avaya Phone system fails to perform we are able to quickly and efficiently resolve the Phone System Problems.  Our telephone technicians will resolve common phone issues such as dial tone problems, wiring issues, down the system, program changes, failed programming, problems with voice quality, carrier issues, dropped calls, and connectivity.  As a full-service telecom provider, we are experts in troubleshooting and resolving any business phone equipment issue. Whatever you need, our  Avaya telephone technicians at ABS are here to help.

Diagnose and Repair Business Phone Systems

  • Repair your business Avaya Phone System
  • Install Jacks and add Telephone Stations
  • Program or Reprogram Phone System
  • Move or Relocate Phone Systems
  • Install additional Phone Equipment
  • Add Extensions and/or Equipment
  • Add Wireless Headsets
  • Avaya Troubleshooting
  • Avaya Programming Changes
  • Add or Repair VoiceMail Systems
  • Avaya Phone System Repair
  • Avaya Partner
  • Avaya Repair
  • Repair Bad internal wiring


We offer 24/7 Emergency Business Phone Repair


Avaya  Partner Repair

Avaya Partner Repair, Partner Repair,

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  • Avaya: Avaya Partner ACS, Avaya IP Office, Partner Mail VS, Partner Messaging, Partner Voice Messaging, Avaya IP Office

Avaya Repair is one of our key services, by assisting businesses with dispatched telephone technicians. We service the Avaya Partner, Avaya IP office, as well as offer upgrades to the Avaya Partner.  Your Avaya phone system is a critical tool used every day allow us to be the support you need to keep it running and upgrade it to the most advanced features.

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We are a qualified installer and provider of the Avaya IP Office 


Avaya Repair

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A.B.S is Certified by Telephone System Supply

Over  30+ years Avaya phone Systems are one of the major telephone systems we install and support.  Avaya is one of the largest providers of office PBX systems.  As these systems age, you will need Avaya Repair, and Avaya Support to maintain your Avaya Office Phone System.

We have qualified telephone installers who can provide on-site support and repair your Avaya telephone System.  We support the Avaya Partner ACS, Avaya IP office, and many other Avaya Phone systems.   If you need Avaya Phone Repair, or simply Avaya Repair we are here to support your business organization.  We offer 24-hour support almost 365 days a year.  There are over one million installed Avaya Partners installed in small businesses across the country, and we offer Avaya Repair Services on them. As well as Lucent Partner, and Merlin. We are major telephone installers throughout the continental United States, as well as business phone repair providers.   telephone repair in Maryland This information related to:

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Avaya Repair | Avaya Phone Repair

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ABS Phones is an independent support service for Avaya-manufactured telephone systems. A.B.S can offer Avaya Support and has been offering Avaya Customer support for a long time. Offering office telephone systems for 30+ years.  Telecommunications Technicians


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