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A.B.S is a qualified provider of Toshiba Strata Repair for over 30 years we have supported offices and businesses with their Small Business Phone Systems.

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Toshiba Telephone Systems

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As a Certified TelcomPBX Telephone Repair company, we provide Comdial Phone Repair and Toshiba Phone System repair in 37 States.  we are able to meet the needs of businesses like yours. The Toshiba Strata System was one of the most robust telephone systems with many parts and systems often needing maintenance or repair or even upgrades which we can provide your business.   Don’t Wait – call ABS today!

When your telephone system is failing to perform we are able to quickly and efficiently resolve the telephone system problems.  Our telephone technicians will resolve common phone issues such as dial tone problems, wiring issues, down the system, program changes,  problems with voice quality, carrier issues, dropped calls, and Vo IP connectivity.  As a full-service telecom provider, we are experts in troubleshooting and resolving any business phone equipment issue. Whatever you need, our telephone repair technicians at ABS are here to help.

Toshiba Strata

Toshiba Phone System

Diagnose and Repair Telephone Systems

      • Repair your business Phone System
      • Install Jacks and add Telephone Stations
      • Telephone Wiring / Internal Wiring
      • Program or Reprogram Phone System
      • Wiring for Toshiba Phone System
      • Support of the Toshiba Phone System
      • Move or Relocate Phone Systems
      • Install additional Phone Equipment
      • Add Extensions and/or Equipment
      • Toshiba Phone Support
      • Add Wireless Handsets
      • Add or Repair Voicemail Systems

We offer 24/7 Emergency Business Phone Repair


telephone system repair

Here at Atlantic Business Systems, we are committed to providing the best customer care and knowledge to help you with your Comdial Office Phone System. If you need us we will assist you as best we can to support your Inter-Tel phone system or help you upgrade it.

Toshiba Telephone Systems

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Toshiba Phone Systems

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